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Decades Of Experience In Federal Criminal Defense

The stakes are higher in federal court. If you are under investigation or under indictment for federal crimes, you will need a robust and sophisticated defense. The attorneys of LaRene & Kriger PLC have 100 years of combined experience, including extensive practice in federal criminal defense.

Our renowned trial lawyers have the skills and in-house resources to take on the federal government. We have obtained many dismissals, acquittals and favorable deals for our clients in the federal courts of Michigan and beyond.

Detroit Attorneys For Serious Federal Charges

Certain crimes fall under federal jurisdiction when the conduct crosses state lines, occurs on federal property or violates federal statutes. LaRene & Kriger has wide experience with fraud and white-collar offenses, representing doctors, lawyers, business owners and public officials whose livelihoods are in jeopardy. We also handle federal drug offenses and other federal charges that carry long prison terms, such as crimes of violence.

Our firm can capably defend anyone accused of:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Armed robbery or carjacking
  • Arson
  • Homicide
  • Kidnapping
  • Human trafficking
  • Gun crimes and weapon charges
  • Domestic terrorism

The Right Skills And Tools For Federal Court

Federal charges are more complicated, commonly involving a great deal of electronic discovery. At LaRene & Kriger, we have our own forensic software, that helps us analyze and challenge such evidence to aid in our client’s defense. We also use private investigators and outside experts. In a prominent money laundering case, federal prosecutors agreed to drop the charges against our client, based on the findings of our forensic accountant.

The rules are different in federal court and the government’s lawyers are very good. Our attorneys are uniquely equipped for this challenge. Deday LaRene and Mark Kriger, each have more than 40 years of experience and they do their own legal research, which is practically unheard of for trial lawyers of their caliber. We have no law clerks or paralegals. Every motion, every legal brief and every defense strategy is personally crafted by our attorneys, and their resulting track record of favorable outcomes is no coincidence.

Are You Under Federal Investigation?

If you suspect you are the subject of a federal probe or soon to be charged with a federal crime, contact our Detroit law office immediately. On many occasions, we have been successful in preventing unwarranted charges from being filed, or getting charges dismissed or reduced when we are involved in the pre-indictment phase.

Our firm is prepared to defend you at trial if necessary. Our attorneys are admitted to federal courts for the Eastern District and Western District of Michigan, and other jurisdictions nationwide, as well as criminal appeals in state and federal courts of appeal.

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