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The jury’s verdict or the judge’s sentence is not necessarily the last word. If you or your family member were wrongly incarcerated, unfairly convicted or unduly punished, you may have legal remedies. However, criminal appeals is a specialized area of the law. To make the most of a second shot at justice, you need an attorney with demonstrated success in the appellate system.

The Detroit law firm of LaRene & Kriger PLC maintains a robust practice in appeals and post-conviction relief. Serving clients in Michigan and throughout the United States, their accomplished appellate attorneys have argued cases before the Michigan Supreme Court and numerous jurisdictions of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Post-Conviction Appeals Attorneys In Wayne County

Mark Kriger and Deday LaRene have practiced together since 1999 and bring more than 90 years of combined experience in criminal law. They are among the small percentage of criminal defense trial lawyers who handle appeals, and nearly unique in the fact that they handle appeals themselves. LaRene & Kriger does not have law students or paralegals conducting research or outlining briefs; your appeal from start to finish is in the capable hands of the partners.

Their appellate and post-conviction practice includes:

  • Appeals of criminal convictions (bench and jury trials)
  • Sentence modification and sentence review
  • Petitions for writ of habeas corpus
  • Other writs and post-conviction relief, including coram nobis and Motions for Relief From Judgment under MCR Chapter 6.500

Even among the best appellate lawyers — and Mr. Kriger and Mr. LaRene count themselves in that category — success is a relative term. Only a minority of cases are overturned or remanded, but the partners identify potential grounds for appeal and give clients an honest legal assessment of the cost of appealing and the likelihood of winning. If there is a fighting chance on appeal, they will find it.

If LaRene & Kriger has won more than its share of appeals, it is due to many factors: courtroom experience, knowledge of federal sentencing guidelines, willingness to conduct the legal research, and skills in both oral arguments and written briefs. The partners will pursue every avenue of appeal, from evidentiary issues and jury instructions to prosecutor misconduct or ineffective assistance of counsel.

Mr. LaRene and Mr. Kriger have argued federal appeals in the 5th Circuit, 6th Circuit, 10th Circuit, 7th Circuit and 11th Circuit, and are admitted to appear before the U.S. Supreme Court. They also have been successful in state appeals before the Michigan Court of Appeals.

This may be your last, best hope for freedom, and the team at LaRene & Kriger will work diligently to turn your case around.

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