Tax Evasion/Tax Fraud

Serious felony charges demand a high-caliber defense. Time after time, LaRene & Kriger PLC has prevailed in some of the biggest criminal cases in Michigan. We understand what’s at stake. Put your trust in our long track record of trial and appellate success.

Detroit Tax Evasion Lawyers

The Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice inspire fear, and for good reason. Federal prosecutors will aggressively prosecute tax crimes, seizing assets and seeking prison terms where they see criminal intent to defraud the U.S. Treasury.

LaRene & Kriger PLC can counter the considerable resources and reach of government investigators. The criminal defense lawyers of the firm have successfully defended clients on charges of tax evasion and tax fraud. Their pre-indictment representation has also enabled clients to resolve tax controversies before criminal charges are filed.

Tax Fraud Attorneys In Wayne County

Tax matters are not always straightforward. Even with the advice of accountants or financial advisors — or perhaps because of their advice — you can run afoul of the IRS or the Justice Department. Experienced attorneys Mark Kriger and Deday LaRene have represented business owners and corporate executives, doctors and lawyers, CPAs and comptrollers, and high net worth individuals who have been investigated or indicted for tax-related crimes:

  • Tax evasion — Failure to file returns or willfully hiding money from the IRS
  • Tax fraud — Falsified tax returns, from unreported revenue to fabricated deductions
  • Money laundering
  • Conspiracy, mail fraud or wire fraud

The government must meet a high standard regarding intent to defraud, and the legal team of LaRene & Kriger holds the prosecution to that burden of proof. In tax crime cases, they focus largely in the pre-indictment arena. Justice Department policy often allows taxpayers to argue before the Tax Division in Washington before bringing formal charges. The firm works with tax experts to challenge the government’s assertions, for instance demonstrating that deductions were proper or that the government incorrectly calculated taxable income.

If the IRS and federal prosecutors move forward with a tax fraud indictment, the attorneys of LaRene & Kriger have the federal court trial experience and appellate experience to protect your interests. They realize that a conviction could result in prison or financial ruin. They work hard to make the criminal allegations and possibly the tax liability go away, or to mitigate the impact.

LaRene & Kriger represent individuals and corporate clients in Michigan and throughout the United States in criminal tax prosecutions. 

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