White Collar Crimes

Serious felony charges demand a high-caliber defense. Time after time, LaRene & Kriger PLC has prevailed in some of the biggest criminal cases in Michigan. We understand what’s at stake. Put your trust in our long track record of trial and appellate success.

Detroit White Collar Crime Lawyers

If you are suspected of a white collar crime, it could mean prison or an end to your career. But an investigation or arrest is not a conviction. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can challenge the government’s theories or perhaps even prevent an indictment.

The law firm of LaRene & Kriger PLC aggressively confronts allegations of “white collar” fraud and financial crimes. The accomplished criminal defense team has represented clients in many professions and industries in Metro Detroit, Southeast Michigan and statewide.

Experienced Fraud Attorneys In Wayne County, Michigan

State and federal agencies have committed unprecedented resources to combating white collar crimes. As a result, LaRene & Kriger represents a widening circle of medical professionals, business owners, corporate executives, bank managers, securities brokers, lobbyists and others who find themselves in the government’s cross hairs.

Veteran criminal defense lawyers Mark Kriger, Deday LaRene, and Allison Kriger have handled the full spectrum of white collar offenses, including:

Challenging White Collar Crime Allegations

In their efforts to ferret out fraud, state and federal investigators often see crimes where none occurred. The attorneys of LaRene & Kriger have had success in the pre-indictment phase, intervening to convince prosecutors that there is reasonable doubt or an innocent explanation. If the prosecution goes forward, they will challenge the government’s case on all fronts. Is there evidence of criminal intent? Is the evidence of the crime circumstantial? Did investigators cut corners in executing wiretaps, search warrants or asset seizures?

The partners understand that your livelihood, your reputation and your future are on the line. The defense team at LaRene & Kriger will exhaust your defenses, including going to trial to avoid prison and a felony conviction.

This firm has handled the full spectrum of fraud cases in state and federal courts of Michigan and throughout the United States, including appeals of convictions and sentences on both the trial and appellate levels. call White Collar Crimes or contact us online to arrange a confidential consultation with experienced Detroit white collar crime lawyers.