Violent Crimes

Violent Crime Defense Attorneys Serving The Detroit Metro Area

The criminal defense law firm of LaRene & Kriger PLC is known for extraordinary results in big cases. This includes acquittals and other favorable outcomes in high-profile murder trials and other sensationalized cases in which their clients were accused of violent acts.

With the possibility of years or life in prison, you need a skilled and aggressive defense. The proven legal team of LaRene & Kriger will protect your rights and fight for your freedom, no matter what the charges. The attorneys handle violent crime allegations in Metro Detroit, Southeast Michigan and statewide, including federal prosecutions.

Experienced Homicide And Assault Lawyers In Detroit

Law partners Mark Kriger and Deday LaRene have handled notable felony cases over the years, from the infamous Rib Rack murder in Lathrop Village to the recent indictment of Grosse Pointe businessman Bob Bashara on charges of conspiring to kill his wife. In the Rib Rack case, the prosecution failed three times to pin the killing on Jerome Hamilton; he was finally acquitted by a jury for lack of evidence after two previous mistrials.

In 70-plus years of combined experience in criminal defense, Mr. Kriger and Mr. LaRene have routinely obtained favorable outcomes to high-level charges — acquittals, dismissals, reduced charges and plea agreements that spared clients from prison or a felony record.

They handle the full spectrum of violent crimes:

  • First-degree murder
  • Felony murder
  • Conspiracy to commit murder
  • Second-degree murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Armed robbery or home invasion
  • Assault and battery or felonious assault
  • Witness intimidation or obstruction of justice

A True Defense For The Most Serious Crimes

Homicide charges are often pieced together on circumstantial evidence. Assault charges are commonly based on the one-sided version of the victim. At LaRene & Kriger, the partners never take the prosecution’s case at face value. They conduct their own investigation and challenge the “facts” of the case, from forensic evidence to testimony of witnesses, informants or assault victims.

The attorneys explore all affirmative defenses, including self-defense, provocation and misidentification, as well as constitutional issues such as unlawful search and seizure or failure to provide Miranda rights.

If you are under investigation, or already arrested or indicted for a crime of violence, it is important not to give any statement to police before speaking with an attorney. Even if you are trying to clear your name, the prosecution will use any admissions against you.

From murder charges to theft and robbery charges, LaRene & Kriger understands what is at stake. You will work directly with a Detroit violent crime attorney throughout your case. 

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