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True Trial Lawyers Who Personally Do The Work

The Detroit law firm of LaRene & Kriger PLC is known throughout Michigan for taking on big cases, from headline news murders to scandals involving public officials. The partners have invested their careers in the area of criminal defense, and those refined skills have spared many clients from prison and personal ruin.

Clients are sometimes surprised to discover that Deday LaRene and Mark Kriger are not just the face of the firm — they are the firm. Unlike bigger law firms where much of the work is farmed out to cadres of paralegals and law clerks, Mr. Kriger and Mr. LaRene are “old school” in the sense that they do it all themselves — court appearances, motions, legal research, trial prep, courtroom advocacy, and appeals. Mark’s daughter Allison Kriger joined the firm in 2013 and has likewise established herself as a formidable trial lawyer.

Between them, Mr. LaRene and Mr. Kriger have more than 90 years of experience. And though they are courtroom lawyers in the classic style, the partners provide cutting edge criminal defense that gets results. In the Internet age, white collar crimes and even violent crime allegations commonly involve online communications and electronic tracings. LaRene & Kriger is among the few Michigan defense firms with in-house forensic capabilities for evaluating computer evidence.

It’s Not About Them. It’s About You And Your Future.

LaRene & Kriger is accustomed to defending public figures and handling high-profile cases, from charges of murder and drug trafficking to public corruption and government fraud. Despite intense media interest, the philosophy and style of the partners is to operate under the radar. Many clients are business owners and executives, licensed professionals, elected officials and other prominent members of their communities who cannot afford public scandal or law enforcement scrutiny. They put great emphasis on pre-indictment intervention and early involvement to avoid prosecution or resolve criminal allegations behind the scenes.

However, when the government mounts a full-scale campaign, LaRene & Kriger provides the sophisticated and strategic defense that clients need. The partners are prepared to take cases to a judge or jury to fight the allegations and mitigate the fallout of felony charges.

Arrange A Confidential Consultation

Practicing chiefly in Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan, Mark Kriger and Deday LaRene have tried cases both in and out of the state of Michigan, in both state and federal courts, and appeals as well.

If you are facing serious felony charges, contact LaRene & Kriger today to find out how these accomplished defense lawyers can make a difference in the outcome.