Drug Crimes

Detroit Drug Crime Lawyers

Those caught up in the War on Drugs are up against the full force of the government. Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies devote considerable resources to investigations that may span many months. Despite these advantages, police officers and federal agents often skirt the constitutional rights of suspects in the name of what they see as the greater good.

LaRene & Kriger PLC levels the playing field and holds the government accountable. Their experienced trial lawyers provide a rigorous defense to those accused of drug crimes in the Metro Detroit area, Southeast Michigan and throughout the United States. Law partners Mark Kriger and Deday LaRene have obtained notable results in high-profile drug prosecutions by diligently unraveling the prosecution’s case.

Drug Trafficking And Drug Possession Attorneys In Wayne County

You don’t need LaRene & Kriger for charges of simple possession, but it does not take much to elevate drug crimes to serious felony charges. Their attorneys handle the full spectrum of state and federal drug felonies, including:

Fighting Drug Crimes And Related Charges

The accomplished attorneys of LaRene & Kriger have special expertise in the law of search and seizure and electronic surveillance, which are often critical to the defense of drug charges, where investigators increasingly employ sophisticated new technology.

At LaRene & Kriger, an experienced attorney handles your case and you will know where you stand. 

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