Health Care Fraud

Serious felony charges demand a high-caliber defense. Time after time, LaRene & Kriger PLC has prevailed in some of the biggest criminal cases in Michigan. We understand what’s at stake. Put your trust in our long track record of trial and appellate success.

Health Care Fraud Attorneys Serving Detroit And Southeast Michigan

Insurance reimbursement can seem more complex than the practice of medicine itself. Doctors and owners of health care companies are scrutinized closer than ever in their billing practices, sometimes triggering criminal investigations.

The law firm of LaRene & Kriger PLC provides effective representation for physicians and other medical providers accused of health care fraud and other “white collar” crimes. The established criminal defense practice serves clients in Metro Detroit, Southeast Michigan and statewide.

Medicare Fraud Lawyers Throughout the State of Michigan

LaRene & Kriger has represented a cross section of clients in the medical community, including physicians, surgeons and nurses; physical therapists and occupational therapists; hospital and clinic administrators; pharmacists; pain clinic operators and medical supply companies.

Many clients have been targeted by state or federal investigators over billing discrepancies, such as upcoding, charging for services not rendered or submitting invoices for phantom patients. Other clients are accused of defrauding patients or misusing their medical privileges for personal gain. The experienced attorneys of LaRene & Kriger have handled all types of health care-related crimes:

  • Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud
  • Private insurance fraud (e.g., Blue Cross/Blue Shield)
  • Prescription mills (prescribing or dispensing painkillers without medical necessity)
  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering

Experienced Defense For Health Care Fraud

The government uses sophisticated tools to spot irregularities or suspicious patterns in medical billing. The firm of LaRene & Kriger tries to show that investigators leaped to conclusions by alleging that the doctor or medical company defrauded a government agency or insurer. In many cases, this intervention has helped clients avoid indictment by demonstrating to the prosecutor that their view of the evidence had an innocent explanation or that the client lacked criminal intent.

If the case continues, your medical license, your business or your employability is at stake, not to mention the possibility of prison time, large fines and a felony record. The partners make every attempt to dismiss the case or mitigate the consequences to protect their clients’ reputations and careers.

LaRene & Kriger can respond to state or federal probes relating to health care billing or other allegations of fraud. The attorneys also handle appeals and post-conviction remedies for fraud convictions. 

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